Aug 10 06 9:07 PM

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Seems from excerpt the guy from EW will be involved in their segment

And see that this week's issue is indeed Fall Movie issue for EW ..can't wait to get my issue in mail !


Now that the 'Pirates' have plundered and 'The Da Vinci Code' has been solved, the new movies for the fall season are gearing up. From the new Bond to the new BRAD PITT movie, MATT vs. LEO in 'The Departed' and the hot, fresh faces to watch, ET has your first look at the cream of the autumn crop! "In the fall, that's when we see all the real serious Oscar movies, and that's usually where the big stars shine," says DAVE KARGER of Entertainment Weekly, whose new issue -- on stands August 11 -- breaks down the upcoming fall flicks.
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Aug 11 06 10:30 AM


Didn't miss anything...was very short segment ..was disappointed when I got home and watched tape...was really a promo for EW "Fall Movie" issue more than anything...

The EW spokesman pointed out from each movie some of the cast members like Vera F of "TD" who will be more known to movie audiences after her role opposite DiCaprio/Damon...

Should get my magazine either today or tomorra..but I would say the excerpt that Will posted for us on EW thread is all that is going to be in magazine issue ..

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