Aug 10 06 7:44 PM

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In anticipation of their Fall Movie Preview issue, they have a list on their website of the 10 fall movies they "can't wait to see"...

Here's The Departed entry:

6 The Departed


WHY WE CAN'T WAIT Martin Scorsese and gangsters? Say no more.

THE PREMISE Dueling moles -- a Mobster in the Boston police department (Matt Damon), and a cop in a Boston crime syndicate (Leonardo DiCaprio) -- try to ferret each other out.

SOURCE The Hong Kong hit Infernal Affairs (2002)

THE BACKSTORY After Gangs of New York and The Aviator, Scorsese and DiCaprio have become such a team that Warner Bros. pitched them both the project at the same time. ''We both loved it and said, 'Let's do this,''' DiCaprio says.

BURNING QUESTION Is the material too pulpy to earn Scorsese his long-awaited Oscar?

COME FOR Jack Nicholson, as an unpredictable Mob boss

STAY FOR Vera Farmiga, as a police shrink who romances both Damon and DiCaprio

In case you can't see the photo above, click here
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Aug 10 06 7:47 PM


Thanks for alert to EW movie info......sure hope that 'top ten topic' is included in issue that arrives this weekend !!!

Love yet another new photo...

And ..personally...my interest in 'coming to the movie' and 'remaining' goes far beyond Costello and Madeline

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Aug 10 06 9:58 PM

Thanks Will
Another new photo
I think Billy looks calmer here, more of a meeting of minds than a psychological stand off?

There are some odd choices in the EW list but The Departed is at the top of mine.

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Aug 11 06 12:02 AM

Entertainment Weekly

LOVE that pic!
Thanks again, will.

I'm looking forward to EW.
It's on the newsstands tomorrow.

Just watched ET & there was a mention of Vera Farmiga.
She's one of the "fresh fall faces" featured in the new issue of EW.

One month 3 weeks 5 days!!!

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Aug 11 06 6:37 AM

Love that pic

Thanks will for the EW piece on TD and the great new pic!
It’s already one of my favorites.

Looks like Costello nad Billy might be planning something to me.
And I love the light behind Billy while Costello is surrounded by dark.

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Aug 11 06 7:14 AM

will wrote:
After that list they put out, it was to be expected...
Their Fall Movie Preview has James Blond on the cover.
Grrrrrr... the holiday movie preview issue should've had him on the cover.

That's one sorry wall those two fellas are leaning on.

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Aug 11 06 7:27 PM

will wrote:
After that list they put out, it was to be expected...
Their Fall Movie Preview has James Blond on the cover.

James BLOND is that a deliberate mistake?
Sums up the whole dumb concept?

The Departed is in the top position on my list

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Aug 11 06 10:18 PM

leela wrote:
James BLOND is that a deliberate mistake?

And he's on the cover, too... They're trying so hard to make us like him. Not working for me.

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Aug 12 06 2:35 AM

I bought the EW today and they have a new pic of Leo from The Departed and The Blood Diamond. I would scan them but my scanner is not working right now. Hopefully someone else will, they are a real treat!

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Aug 12 06 8:06 AM



THANKS so much!
Love the pix!

That's an AMAZING pic of Blood Diamond!
I'm as anxoius to see BD as I am TD!
I just finished Blood Diamond by Greg Campbell & really enjoyed it!
It's an incredible read!

Picking up my issue of EW tomorrow!

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Aug 12 06 8:32 AM

Two Great Pix!

Candy, thanks!
You made my day...or my very late night!

Great TD pic.
I love the intense look on DiCaprio's face.
Another amazing TD scene to look forward to.

Thanks also for a new BD pic...there are so few of them.
Lots of action in that pic.
I'm really anxious for BD after TD.

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