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Mar 16 12 1:10 AM

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Some articles that give more info about real life case .....also have thought of WHO would be PERFECT choice for FBI agent who befriends Belfort = Robert DeNiro !

The Wolf of Wall Street is the story of Belfort, a New York stockbroker who, after refusing to turn informant for the FBI, serves 20 months in prison


Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are set to team up again.

The pair will be reunited after their 'The Departed' Oscar success on new film 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

DiCaprio will play Jordan Belfort, in the true-life story of a corrupt Wall Street stockbroker sentenced to four years in prison and fined $110 million before turning government witness.

The film will be adapted from Belfort's autobiography, who is still $75 million in debt.

The Hollywood pair worked together on gangster film 'The Departed', which earned Scorsese the 2006 Academy Award for Best Director.

They also collaborated on box office hits 'The Aviator' and 'Gangs Of New York'.

It is unclear when production will begin as both Scorsese and DiCaprio have numerous projects already lined up.

DiCaprio will spend the summer shooting 'Revolutionary Road' with Kate Winslet.

Scorsese is directing a documentary spanning the career of The Rolling Stones and an adaptation of children's book 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret'.

Scorsese and DiCaprio are also due to work together on biopic 'The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt'


MARTIN Scorsese wants to team up with Leonardo DiCaprio to film the story of one of Wall Street's most notorious swindlers. Variety reports Scorsese hopes to direct "Wolf of Wall Street," with DiCaprio playing Jordan Belfort, a penny stock trader whose Stratton Oakmont group pulled off "pump and dump" schemes, in which fast-talking "boilerroom" brokers ran up the prices of shares with fraudulent phone pitches.

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Mar 28 07 5:10 PM

Peanut80 wrote:
Some articles that give more info about real life case .....also have thought of WHO would be PERFECT choice for FBI agent who befriends Belfort = Robert DeNiro !

Dreams, like vitamines, are good for the health... and I need vitamins !

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Mar 29 07 12:26 AM


You can be sure IFFFFFF I were in charge of 'casting' Ms Peanut and Ms Stormy would be 'cast' as 'love interests' for Mr Belfort ( Me ) and his work mate =James Badge Dale =You !

Sure hope Marty thinks like I do =FBI agent = DeNiro !


As my "Uncle Walt' always said " If you wish UPON a STAR , your dreams can come TRUE !!!

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Posts: 4,074 Tammany Hall Huckster

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Mar 16 12 4:11 AM

Here's a list of characters. The first people to come to mind are Charlize as Nadine, Anna Faris as Carolyn, and Nick Offerman as Dwayne. Danny Porush is probably the biggest role after Nadine's. He's a tough one.

Jordan Belfort - 26 years-old, Jewish middle-class kid from Queens NY
Nadine Caridi Belfort - aka the Duchess from Bay Ridge, Catholic, 24 years-old, half-Italian blonde, incredibly painfully hot, big chest, long legs, bad bad bad bad bad girl, former model from Brooklyn NY, Jordan's second wife
Chandler Belfort - aka Channie, their gorgeous 2 year-old daughter
Carter Belfort - their adorable baby
Denise Lombardo Belfort - Jordan's first wife, 22 years-old, Catholic, pretty Italian hairdresser from the neighborhood
Scott Mullen - 30 years-old, buttoned-down stockbroker/drill sergeant, Jordan's boss at his first firm, the old and prestigious L.F. Rothchild
Mark Hanna - 30s, charistmatic, movie-star looks, Jordan's other boss at L.F. Rothchild
Marie Hanna - Mark's wife
Dwayne - 35, slovenly, walrus-mustached, broker at Investor's Center, a Long Island strip mall firm
Chris Knight - broker/dude at Investor's Center
Danny Porush - 25, preppy, horned-rim glasses, fake teeth, faux Jew, coke fiend, Jordan's neighbor in Queens, sold children's furniture before he worked for Jordan, became his partner in their own firm: Stratton Oakmont, in an old auto body garage in Long Island
Lisa Porush - Danny's wife

The other Stratton Oakmont brokers (aka the Stattonites), jerkoffs whom Jordan built into his own self-image...
Kenny Green - aka the blockhead
The Penguin - short arms, thin nose, pot belly, waddler
Walter Chang - fat head, depraved
Andy Cohen - aka wigwam, wore a fake shiny toupee
Carrie Chodush - 30s, single mom

Mona Axelrod - 20s, Jordan's assistant at Stratton Oakmont, professional
Gregory Coleman - 28, FBI Special Agent, Queens College grad, Joe fucking Friday
Max Belfort - aka Mad Max and Sir Max (his anglophile alter-ego), 50s, CPA, Jordan's eccentric father, dapper, tempestuous, defacto CFO and drug/sex fuhrer at Stratton Oakmont
Leah Belfort - Jordan's mother, CPA
Patrick - 40s, the Belforts' frisky gay butler
Gwynne - 50s, the Belforts' cheerful southern (nurse)maid
Todd - Jordan's drug dealer
Carolyn - Todd's wife, 20s, stripper, Swiss blonde bombshell
Patricia - 50s, Nadine's demure, proper, yet adventurous British aunt
Rocco Day - the Belforts' horny gatehouse security guard
Steve Madden - aka The Cobbler, 30s, wrumpled, thinning-hair, shoe-designer, trend-setter, business partner of Jordan, boyhood friend of Danny Porush
Mary Lou - Steve Madden's most famous shoe
Rick Burstein - videographer of the Belforts' wedding
Jean-Jacques Handali - 30s, Jordan's Swiss banker, suave, model-handsome
Peter Elliott - the captain of the Nadine. the Belforts' 170-foot yacht
Warren Stevens - judge on Jordan's payroll
Joe Fahmighetti - 50s, Jordan's criminal defense lawyer, Gotti suit, Gotti hair
Lee Sorkin - 40s, Jordan's securities lawyer
Roland Schaer - 40s, fat forger
Rocky Aoki - 50s, founder of Benihana
Joel Weiner - 50s, U.S. Attorney
Michelle Adelman - Assistant U.S. Attorney, bespectacled, frizzy hair
Various and sundry hookers: blue chips, nasdaqs, and pink sheets
Bo Dietl as himself - 40s, private investigator
Jim Backus as himself
Natalie Schafer as herself
Steve Wynn as himself
Gene Hackman as himself

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Mar 16 12 5:39 AM

Who is this the guy who creates the big scene where he eats a goldfish? If Scorsese really had talks with Michael Fassbender about working together I'd say that would be a solid part for him.

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#7 [url]

Mar 16 12 6:11 AM


Fassbender could work. As we know in Scorsese films he will often cast actors that fit the part emotionally even if they don't work physically. Joe Pesci in Goodfellas for one. And it's not like DiCaprio looks like Howard Hughes or Jordan Belfort (but that's business).

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#11 [url]

Mar 16 12 7:08 AM

Haha, maybe Steve Zahn is the perfect Danny!

And solely on physical appearance I'd say Hugh Jackman OR Hugh Laurie would be the perfect Jordan.

As for Nadine, as long as they don't go with Carey Mulligan (who I'm overexposed too) I'll be happy. If Hunger Games 2 didn't get in the way of production I'd say Jennifer Lawrence fits the part to a T.

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Posts: 4,074 Tammany Hall Huckster

#12 [url]

Mar 16 12 7:15 AM

Hugh Laurie crossed with Matthew Lillard. :razz:

It's funny, in the script Jordan always makes fun of Danny's white teeth. Yet in that pic, Jordan's the one with the choppers.

This clip includes wedding video of Jordan and Nadine.

Patricia Clarkson - Aunt Patricia
Robert De Niro - Joe Fahmighetti
Nellie Sciutto - Mona Axelrod
Edward Norton - FBI Special Agent Gregory Coleman

This clip includes an interview with Coleman.

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Posts: 4,074 Tammany Hall Huckster

#13 [url]

Mar 16 12 9:58 AM

From the Australian Herald Sun - November 07, 2011

THE Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort was lurking in Melbourne this week before meeting with Leo DiCaprio.

The fast talking former trader who ended up in jail, revealed he was Down Under to discuss the coming movie based on his 2008 memoir, starring DiCaprio as Belfort and directed by Martin Scorsese.

"Leo flew back to the States and I am meeting him when he gets back," Belfort said.

"He is almost done with The Great Gatsby and then my movie is next and to go into production early next year. Leo and Brad Pitt were in a bidding war and it was going up and up and up and I sold it to Leo because he was able to get Scorsese involved."

Based on his salacious autobiography, Belfort revealed DiCaprio's former girlfriend Blake Lively was tipped to play his now ex wife "The Duchess" in the movie.

"I don't think that is happening any more, but I heard rumblings they might get Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the British actress who would be the right fit."

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Posts: 4,074 Tammany Hall Huckster

#16 [url]

Mar 17 12 11:09 PM

Foeller wrote:
But not Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I mean, are you fricking kidding me?
I don't even know who that is. But based on her performance in The Town, I'd say Blake Lively would also be a good choice for Nadine.

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#17 [url]

Mar 17 12 11:40 PM

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was in Transformers 3. Further elaboration shouldn't be necessary.

What about someone like Rooney Mara for that part? Haven't read the screenplay yet, so I don't really know if she fits. What about Scarlett Johansson? Maybe Evan Rachel Wood?

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Posts: 4,074 Tammany Hall Huckster

#18 [url]

Mar 18 12 12:33 AM

Rooney Mara is beautiful, but the beautiful that Jordan Belfort describes is obviously a shiksa. Google it if it helps. :razz:

I wrote on IMDb earlier that if you're casting Ginger in Casino in 2012, who would you choose? That's Nadine.

Personally, I'd like Charlize Theron just for the twisted panties and heels babytalk teasing scene.

Though technically, Nadine is a "petite" model (and Miller Lite girl).

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#19 [url]

Mar 18 12 7:17 AM

Rooney Mara is out. She's playing the lead in Steven Soderbergh's "The Bitter Pill" (or "Side Effects"... it's changed it's name before) & is in one of Terrence Malick's two 2012 features.

For Nadine I'd say Rachel McAdams could possibly be a good fit. I'm not sure about Blake Lively's talent as an actress but if she has the personality to fit the part I'd say "go for it". Though who knows, this will be part that every young starlet will go after. Throw Scarlett Johansson into the search (though I think she'd be wrong for the part)

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#20 [url]

Mar 18 12 9:46 AM

Damn, I would like to see Mara in a Scorsese picture. I'm not so sure about McAdams - I thought she looked great in Midnight in Paris, but normally I think she looks like skin and bones. Just look at this picture:

Amber Heard or Blake Lively might work, but I'm not so sure about their acting skills...

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